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Senior Trails

So I am in the midst of “the middle age syndrome” and I am trying to figure how much more difficult can it get? By the time you think your teenagers are settled another storm starts hitting you, from quarters you barely expect!

By the grace of God, Mum and Mum In Law are living healthy and fulfilling lives. But out of the blues they start expecting more from me! More time, more conversations and more calls.

It all starts falling into place when I come across more seniors coming to my hospital for treatment. As customers I talk to them (more than i would talk to Mum perhaps) and I am eager to know about their lives and families. But what struck me the most was that if asked one simple question they would give the answers for the next 3 unasked ones. They loved it that some one is listening with interest. And most of them would show displeasure when the mobile phone buzzed or even if I as much as looked at it.

I have come to realize over the years that there is a dire need to address the loneliness of our senior citizens. Their need to feel wanted, loved, respected within family and social circles is spilling over leading to depression and other terrible illnesses.